Indirect Heated Convection Oven

Manufacturing our own direct and indirect gas fired ovens

This oven type is used for the production of biscuits, cookies, sponge, cereals, granola and many more products

Following accessories are available for the ovens:

  • Greasing unit: for an even application of grease or oil onto the baking band by a rotating brush
  • Automatic band tracking: for the control of the position of the baking band
  • Band scraper: for the cleaning of the baking band
  • Cleaning brush: for the cleaning of the baking band

Furthermore, we offer special options:

  • Heat recovery unit for energy savings of up to 15% and reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Humidity control system for improved control of residual humidity in the products and longer shelf life

Depending on the product, various types of oven bands are used:

  • Steel band for soft products baked directly on the band