Product development


Product design and innovation from start to finish

The RKL team of product development specialists have over 100 years’ experience between them in the development and the successful machinery innovation for the production of a wide variety of products from the base cereal ingredients, wide ranges of biscuits, granola and cereal bars, gluten free, health foods supported by scientific evidence using ingredients that have evaluated health claims, slimming and weight management, sports nutrition and snacks.

Our team will work with you from a blue sky idea to producing a prototype, developing the machinery, plant design and production flow, product refinement, ingredient sourcing, production trials, production specifications, nutritional information.

The team has a wealth of experience developing and often producing groundbreaking new product ideas for companies worldwide from the small to medium start-ups to some of the largest multi-nationals, if you have an idea and need the machinery plus an in-house innovation and design team then RKL Ltd must be your number one choice.